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Arianna Fox (aka Ari)

Stats: 48" Tall (Compared to the Hulk she's like a cute little snack)
Nationality: Native American, White and pure Venusian
Location: Delaware (aka Dela-"where?")
100% Close with Family (Daddy & Mommy)

Family Quote: "We do everything as a family"

Hobbies: Aside from spelling "Antidisestablishmentarianism" she has concocted approximate 14,000 pretend movies, DVDs, and characters. (Complete with voice accents and a whole separate language entitled "Fritz")

Favorite Color: Yellow, although Pink is not far behind it.

Favorite Character: Disney Fairies (Mainly Rosetta, Tink)

Favorite Movies: Soul Surfer, Disney Fairies, Dolphin Tale, Avengers (Gotta be 3D)

Parents' Conjecture

Ari is not only talented, gifted, extremely bright and smart, not to mention cute, beautiful, intel... okay, okay so we brag. 


But she is so worth bragging about.  She's cute, she knows it, but has moral integrity and a real genuine humility and instructableness to her. 


One vital trait of Ari, is that she is extremely workable (can we throw in "loveable" too?) lol. She is very easy to instruct and work with for shoots, acting and thematic situations.


She's Homeschooled, almost 8 years old with an Adult level reading and comprehension, 3rd grade level math and Senior Citizen level understanding of life and relationships.



Some ASL



Voice Characters

Voice Accents

Looking so darn cute!

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